I graduated in 1999 in Jazz Drumming from the Conservatory of Amsterdam studying with Lucas van Merwijk and Misha Mengelberg amongst others.

Before and since I have worked as a drummer in a variety of jazz, world, indie and popbands. Since 2008 I am the bandleader/songwriter for indie band/project KNUPPERPOUF. I love improvising on the piano, learning scores by for instance Chopin, and take currently lessons playing cello. Because of this allround background (from pop and classical into jazz) I have a sensitive feel for atmosphere and tone colour.

I am and have always been a passionate drum teacher (starting at the tender age of 16).


Film Scoring

In 2014 I studied Filmscoring at Berklee in Boston USA and attended the same college again in 2015: Music Composition for film and TV with Los Angeles based composer Ben Newhouse.

Studio LaLaLie since 2015

With the well-organized studio and sample libraries I can work pretty fast. I can record in my Studio LaLaLie  electronic drums, percussion, guitars, keyboards and vocals live. In my music studio Molenpad in the center of Amsterdam (where I teach drums) I record the live drums.

Most of the orchestral sounds (when needed) come from my sample libraries which I program. If the budget and time allows, most instruments can be recorded live, as well as horn sections or any other instrument that I cannot play myself. Given my network of musician friends that is a valuable option.

Having been the drummer, and regularly the arranger and composer for my bands for over two decades I decided in 2010 to start composing primarily for myself (with Knupperpouf) and for others. I worked on several documentaries and did the arrangements and recordings for a children’s book with illustrator Rachelle Meyer published by Kids Marketeers.






In my studio I work on different kinds of sound and music work, and I am the main sound-engineer for colleague JC voicemale, amongst others.



LaLaLie Music for Media